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Do you know if you put a little cloves in a cup of milk and drink it on an empty  stomach!!

A teaspoon of crushed cloves on your stomach with a glass of milk will treat:

1- Infertility.
2- Sexual weakness.
3- Weakness of heart, stomach, liver and kidneys.
4-  My vision of the heart and joints.
5-joint pain.
6-  Asthma, phlegm, cough and nose blocked.
7-  Hiccups 
8-  Weakness of digestion.
9-  Weakness of memory and misunderstanding.
10-  Gas in the stomach and the gut.
11- Weakness of bladder muscles, involuntary urine and urinary incontinence.
12- Weakness of gums and teeth
13- General weakness and inaction.
14- Double the period of sexual activity
15- Weakness of vision and eye
16- Acne and skin infections from insect bites
17-  Regulate blood sugar and maintain its levels.
18- Colds and fever
19- Sore throat  and tonsillitis 
20- Helps in the prevention of cancer.
21- Anxiety, depression and psychological conditions.
22- Hemorrhoids and inflammation diseases

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