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If You Are Looking For An Eternal Tan, Try This Selection Of Classic And New Products

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The getaways multiply, the outdoor plans take over your agenda and not only that: with the intensive day already in many jobs and in others about to be released, it is time to take advantage to enjoy those hours of swimming pool or , the most fortunate, beach.

Many begin to show off at last! Tanned skin and, how could it be otherwise, the goal is to last as long as possible. That is where you have to resort to these products that help you in that mission of prolonging your brown tone until your next exhibition.

Booster V6.8 Tan Prolong, from Sepai

It is not a self-tanner, a sunscreen or makeup pigments, but it is a great ally to prolong your tone. It is a booster that seals the brown skin flatter for longer. How can you take advantage of it? It melts with your usual facial or body cream - solar or not - to enhance and prolong the tan. Stimulates the golden tone, releases the melanocytes, has an anti-oxidant effect and prevents the negative effects of UV and infrared radiation on the skin. Price: € 47 (facial) / € 67 (body).

Prolongateur de Bronzage, of Institute Esthederm

A moisturizing and soothing treatment milk after the sun, which permanently prolongs the glow of the tan tone. It must be applied after each sun exposure. (CPV)

After Sun Tanning Extender, Invisible Stockings

A multifunction cosmetic that soothes and moisturizes, but also prolongs the tan (due to its high content in Acetyl Tyrosine and other ultra-hydrating agents) and can be used as body makeup. It also conceals skin imperfections. Price: € 48 (on sale July 15).

XpertSun Recovery & Beauty, by Singuladerm

A post-solar repairman with a stimulating effect of tanning, suitable for all skin types. With a fluid texture and rapid absorption, its formula incorporates an active ingredient that accelerates, intensifies and prolongs the natural tan of the skin. Price: € 17.96.

Bio-After Sun Amazonia, by Poppo Bio

With 82% organic ingredients, it has a mousse texture and is formulated with buriti, hypericum and avocado vegetable oils with Karite butter. It completely eliminates the peeling, tightness and dryness so typical of summer and prolonged sun exposure. Price: € 13.80.

Bodysenses Hydrolait, by Montibello

Among the benefits of this moisturizer is combating dry skin after sunbathing, as well as prolonging the tan. Strengthens the elasticity and softness of the skin. Price: € 28.25.

After sun Tan Extender, from Nuxe

After-sun milk that can be applied to both the face and the body and helps increase the duration of tanning. Price: 17.90 euros.

Photoshop Oil by Ami Iyok

Solar oil that gives the skin a satin tan tone, and helps to hide small skin imperfections, as well as cellulite, veins, scars, redness or post-depilatory erythema’s with the extra hydration provided by Tahiti Moony Oil. Thus, it moisturizes, protects, brings color and prolongs the tan. Price: € 49.

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