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Complete Cure For Hepatitis B

Have you heard about the complete cure for Hepatitis B?

      Herbs needed
Phyllanthus Amarus(stone breaker) and Lemon grass

As much as possible

Boil with about 5 litres of water

Take a glass of the boiled mixture in the morning and at night for
a week or thereabout. Then go for a test with faith. You'll be
amazed. Good luck famz

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  1. My name is Layla, I tested positive to HEPATITIS B December last year when I had severe ribs pain and swollen stomach, I was told it has no cure at the hospital, but the doctor gave me some drugs to slow down the viral load and it became worse after some time. Out of frustration, I went online for more info about the ailment and cure, and luckily I found a comment about Iyabiye’s herbal treatment and how he has cured people with it. I contacted him and I tested negative to the virus after I completed the treatment.You too can be free. Contact:+234-815-857-7300 (iyabiyehealinghome@gmail.com)


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